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Disputing Fault in an Intersection Accident

Chances are, if there are no witnesses to a disputed intersection accident, you both will be left to deal with your own injuries and damages. Unfortunately, the law abiding driver will likely be unable to convince the officer that he observed the law. Nor will he be able to convince the at-fault driver’s insurance that it was their insured that caused the accident.

If this happens to you, consult an attorney immediately. If your injuries and damages are significant, the attorney may decide to file suit to get the other driver under oath in order to expose his lack of truth or nail down his version of the facts to prove the accident didn’t happen as he claims. Some cases require the hiring of an accident reconstructionist to analyze the location of the collision in the intersection, the damage to the vehicles, the severity of the damage, skid marks, etc. Most cases, however, do not require the hiring of an accident reconstructionist. The lawyer pieces together the evidence and then determines if there is enough evidence to tip the scales of justice in favor of his client. Since the standard of proof is “more likely than not”, he need only prove there is a 51% chance his client is correct.

This is a situation in which it really helps to have an attorney. Call us. We are glad to help.

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