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Why Riding A Motorcycle Is So Dangerous

Many drivers and passengers alike, have become used to seeing the common car, truck and motorcycle accident on our roads and highways in Gainesville, Ocala and surrounding counties. According to the State of Florida, Department of Motor Vehicles, accidents in Alachua County continue to grow approximately 20% per year.  This is especially concerning as most of us including our children drive one or more vehicles every day.

2015 Vehicle Accidents in Alachua County

In 2015, the total number of crashes reported in Alachua County alone was 5,027. Accidents involving injuries amounted to 2,392 or (47.6%), with total injuries amounting to over 3,826 occupants. Unfortunately, 35 crashes resulted in 37 traffic fatalities. Commercial vehicle crashes, trucks, vans and semi-trucks accounted for 501 accidents. Pedestrian and bicycle accidents combined for a total of 251 accidents with 7 of those resulting in fatalities.

These statistics show an alarming 19.8% increase in accidents occurring year over year. When we get behind the wheel we assume we are safe to drive around our city without the risk of being injured or killed in an accident. The unfortunate thing about a large percentage of these accidents is that they were avoidable. According to the (NHTSA) 10% of all fatal accidents, and almost 20% of all accidents that caused injuries were caused by distracted drivers.

Driver Distractions

An accident is caused typically because someone made a bad decision. These mistakes can be avoidable in most cases. Here is a list of some of the more common causes of distractions while operating a vehicle. Cell phone use, texting, surfing the internet, use of maps, playing games on cell phone, loud music, distractions posed by vehicle occupants, talking, lack of driving etiquette, limited driving experience, not using turn signals and improper lane changing, speeding, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, running stop signs and red lights, traffic congestion….the list keeps going.

Due to the size of motorcycles and lack of protection, distractions are compounded due to the deadly consequences of motorcycle accidents compared to other vehicles.

Motorcycle Deaths

Riding a motorcycle versus riding in a vehicle, you are 30 times more likely to die from an accident. Florida requires motorcycle riders to wear helmets (Florida Statute 316.211 – Equipment for Motorcycle and Moped Riders). It is projected that helmets are around 37% effective in preventing motorcycle deaths and 67% effective in preventing brain injuries due to serious accidents.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer – Representing Injured Victims & Their Families

Laurie D. Mitchell has been a strong advocate for motorcycle accident victims and their families. Laurie believes in stricter penalties when accidents are a result of a distracted driver. For almost 30 years, Laurie has represented injured victims and their families. Laurie D. Mitchell is an experienced personal injury lawyer specializing in all types of accidents; Car, truck, motorcycle, nursing home negligence, slip and falls, wrongful death, medical negligence….whenever there is an innocent victim, Laurie is there to protect your right to fair and just compensation for your injuries. Call the motorcycle accident lawyer Gainesville, FL residents have trusted for almost 30 years, at (352) 371-9828.