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Anna Mary Bakley, 69 years old was taken to UF Health Shands Hospital after a fall at her home in December 2016. She complained of severe abdominal pain; testing suggested a gastrointestinal bleed. She was transferred from Shands to North Florida Regional Medical Center for more specialized care, and was diagnosed with obstructive jaundice by Dr. Gabu Bhardwaj. She was scheduled for MRI later the next day. However, a few hours later, the woman’s condition deteriorated. After vomiting a large amount of blood, she went into cardiac arrest and died from hemorrhagic shock.

It was later found Bakley’s bleed was from a pyloric ulcer in her stomach, typically treated with antacids.

The treating physician is now being sued for medical malpractice for the misdiagnosis that resulted in Bakley’s death.

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