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Negligent Training of Correctional Officers

Dale Stahl, a 57 year old inmate, suffered from diabetes. His cell mate reported to prison officers that Stahl was experiencing an episode of low blood sugar. Officers responded to the cell, a struggle ensued, and Stahl was restrained by officers.

The on-duty nurse was summoned, who attempted to check Stahl’s vital signs and blood sugar. Stahl became limp. EMS was summoned while Stahl remained restrained. By the time EMS personnel arrived, Stahl was unresponsive. It was later determined that the nurse failed to respond properly to a diabetic emergency and the correctional officers were negligently trained on how to restrain someone during a medical emergency.

The jury awarded $8 million to the adult daughter, who sued on behalf of the estate in Washington. Although the location is different, similar actions can be brought in Florida under those circumstances.

If injury or death results from negligent training of correctional officers, you should seek the advice of an attorney at your earliest convenience, as specific guidelines must be followed when bringing a claim against a government entity. Call the Law Office of Laurie D. Mitchell. 352-371-9828.