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Delayed Diagnosis

Medical Malpractice

Are You The Victim Of Delayed Diagnosis?

One of the largest categories of medical malpractice involves misdiagnosis or delay in diagnosis which can result in the patient not getting needed treatment in a timely manner.  In the worst case scenario, the patient may die because he  wasn’t treated quickly enough.

The doctor has a responsibility to request the right diagnostic tests and if he fails to do so and it results in serious harm to the patient, he could be held liable.  Even when diagnostic tests are completed, the doctor has a responsibility to thoroughly investigate any abnormalities.  If a physician fails to understand the results of the test, then a second opinion or referral to a specialist is needed.

Another error that can occur resulting in delayed diagnosis is a mistake in the diagnostic test.  If the equipment is faulty, it will not give accurate results.  If the individual performing the test makes a mistake or contaminates the sample, the diagnosis and treatment will be faulty.

If you have suffered due to a delay in diagnosis that resulted in injury/harm, call me.  Attorney, Laurie D. Mitchell 352-371-9828.  I can help.