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What Is My Car Accident Worth?

Property Damage

What Is My Car Accident Worth?

Florida Attorney: Gainesville Personal Injury Case Evaluation

After a car accident, you may be seriously injured or grieving, wondering how you will pay bills and support your family if you cannot work, and feeling seriously concerned about many other aspects of life in the aftermath. Will insurance cover all this? Will you need to file a lawsuit? What are all the steps you need to deal with medical bills and property damage?

Looking at Your Accident and Claims from Every Angle

There is no substitute for skilled, experienced legal counsel when dealing with insurance companies and determining how much your car accident claim is truly worth. Longstanding personal injury lawyer Laurie Mitchell delivers exactly that, by taking steps such as:

Thoroughly investigating factors in and fault for the crash, calling upon qualified independent experts in accident reconstruction and other fields if necessary;

Determining all possible paths to financial recovery for you, including analyzing all applicable insurance policies and their coverage limits;

Assessing all injuries, property damage and other costly consequences of the accident, considering both immediate and long-term needs and expenses — a clear strength for our firm as we are led by a highly qualified nurse who is also a skilled, accomplished attorney;

Protecting Your Rights and Aggressively Pursuing the Settlement You Deserve

It is a tremendous risk to rely on insurance companies to treat you fairly and put a legitimate value on your car accident claim. Far too many people accept “low-ball” settlement offers believing that whatever an insurance adjuster or claims rep says they will get is all they will get. Especially in serious injury cases, it is essential to work with an attorney dedicated to explaining all your rights and looking out for your future.

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You can turn to us with all your questions — about injury claims and PIP coverage, liability insurance, uninsured motorist coverage, a potential lawsuit and more. We gather evidence and build every case for the possibility of trial so that the insurance company is compelled to treat you fairly, and we will go to trial on your behalf if they refuse to do so.

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