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The New PIP Law and How It Affects FL Drivers Injured In An Accident

In the year 2012, the legislature of Florida voted and approved new laws which were aimed at reducing the amount of insurance fraud throughout the state. This was done by placing limitations and restrictions on the PIP coverage. Florida’s current PIP (Personal Injury Protection) law was passed on the 10th of March, 2012. The new PIP (Personal Injury Protection) law has been in effect since the 1st of January, 2013.

Fraud related to auto insurance might be an issue in the state; however, the current PIP amendments have addressed this issue by the reduction of benefits for all, not just the PIP clinics that were fraudulent. The PIP law which the state currently abides by is mostly regarded as a win for the insurance companies. This is because of several provisions that place limits on the number of PIP benefits, monies, and litigation paid out during the claims.

The current bill on PIP offers rather biased and strict definitions of the things that constitute covered injuries and medical treatments. If you live in Florida and have gotten into an accident, you must receive medical treatment inside a narrow margin of 14 days after the accident. What’s more, this treatment can only be sought from any specific licensed medical practitioner. The treatment providers that are accepted under this law include an osteopath, physician, physician’s assistant, advanced registered nurse practitioner, or dentist as you seek emergency services from such a professional. Visits to a chiropractor are also limited to only $2,500. Plus, they can be sought only upon the referral of an acceptable healthcare provider.

Under the laws of Florida, every driver is required to have $10,000 in PIP or no fault insurance in order to provide coverage for lost wages and injuries which result due to any auto accident, regardless of whether this accident occurred due to the fault of another driver or your own.

The Current PIP Law in Simple Terms

In a nutshell, the current PIP law in Florida can be explained as follows:

  • You must get medical attention for the injuries that resulted from the auto accident inside 14 days after the accident, otherwise you won’t be paid for any of the PIP benefits.
  • You must get diagnosed with an EMC (emergency medical condition) if you wish to get the $10,000 worth of PIP benefits.
  • In case you aren’t diagnosed with any EMC, the PIP benefits you get will be reduced to only $2,500.
  • Only a DDS (dentist), DO (osteopathic physician), MD (medical doctor), or advanced registered nurse practitioner is allowed to make the diagnosis for the EMC.
  • Acupuncture and massage therapy aren’t covered under the law any longer.

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