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Why should you hire an attorney with a medical and legal background?

Every medical practitioner, including surgeons, doctors, physical therapists, nurses, and pharmacists  are required by law to offer services which exceed or meet a reasonable degree of care. However, finding out the precise degree is a process which is detailed and highly technical. It goes without saying that the science of medicine keeps changing, to which the procedures and treatment processes also change rapidly.

If something happens to a loved one and you are considering suing a hospital, medical device maker, doctor, pharmaceutical company, an entity or person, consider hiring an experienced Gainesville personal injury lawyer who has a medical and legal background.

Legal Viewpoint on Medicine

Most personal injury attorneys rely solely on medical experts to provide the knowledge needed to build your case. If you hire an attorney with a medical background, he/she reviews the case from both a medical and legal standpoint, often able to spot issues that can be fully developed with the expert’s help.  This is done with the goal of maximizing recovery. Below are a few additional reasons why hiring an attorney with  a medical background is so important:

  1. Familiar with medical records and how to correctly interpret them.
  2. Understands medical terminology, laboratory test results, medications, treatment protocols, diagnoses, policy and procedure, and standards of medical and nursing practice.
  3. Knows what is medically  and legally required for medical record documentation.
  4. Understands and knows what goes on behind the scenes in hospitals and nursing homes.

The Law Office of Laurie Mitchell has been representing personal injury clients in Gainesville FL since 1987. Laurie is both a Registered Nurse and Attorney, which serves as an advantage. As a Registered Nurse, Laurie worked in ICU/CCU, ER, Pediatrics, Med/Surg, and Geriatrics. She became Head Nurse of the Emergency Department, continued to teach specialized classes to other nurses, and worked as a helicopter Trauma Nurse. She also worked as Utilization Review Coordinator reviewing physician care for appropriateness and reimbursement.

Laurie understands complex medical issues and is able to utilize her medical experience and apply her knowledge to your case. Call Laurie today for your free consultation (352) 371-9828.