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Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

Traumatic brain injury cases stem from the most severe injuries.  They result in very costly medical care, often for life.  For this reason, insurance companies attempt to settle such claims as soon as possible to minimize their financial exposure.

Calculating monetary compensation in these types of cases is extremely complex.  Factors such as the nature and extent of the traumatic brain injury, pain and suffering, long-term medical costs to treat the brain injury, the age and life expectancy of the victim, and earning capacity or earning potential of the victim are all to be considered.

If you or your loved one suffers a traumatic brain injury, don’t make any statements to the insurance company and do not attempt to settle on your own.  In most cases you will not be able to recover as much as an attorney specializing in this type of law would recover on your behalf.  Following a traumatic brain injury, you are busy making medical decisions, worrying about family dynamics, planning for discharge, and figuring out how all this will be paid for.   It is highly recommended that you take your time evaluating a plan of treatment and the actual cost of medical care during your lifetime, including cost increases. For this reason, it is advisable you seek help from a knowledgeable attorney.

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