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Apartment Security/Murder and Kidnapping

A shooting at Summer Place Villas in SW Gainesville, FL on February 13, 2018 left 2 maintenance men dead and a traumatized employee.

Tenant, Cedric Tremaine Plummer, 23, is charged with the murders of Jude Onyegbulum Osuji Jr., 28, and Robert Earl Brumbaugh, 61, and the kidnapping of Hailey Louise Roberts, 19, employees of Summer Place Villas.

According to the police, Plummer damaged his apartment and refused to let apartment staff repair it, causing tension between him and apartment management. Police were called out at least three times because of Plummer’s aggressive behavior.

After the shooting, Plummer kidnapped Roberts and forced her at gunpoint to drive to Georgia. They were latter stopped and Roberts was returned physically unharmed.

Depending on the circumstances, the apartment complex may have had inadequate security as matters escalated, thereby putting employees and residents at risk.

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