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Your Words Matter

More often than not, accidents take us by surprise. We’re going along, minding our own business, when, out of the blue, we are hit by another vehicle. Totally unexpected. And catches us totally off guard.

The first thing you may think of doing (if the accident is not severe), is apologize to the other driver, even though you know the accident was not your fault. You need to be very careful what you say to the other driver, and to law enforcement. Your auto insurance company would advise you to NEVER admit fault. However, if you are hit by someone who admits fault, be sure to take note of any witnesses present who hear the statement and notify law enforcement when they show up. Independent witnesses are often the best proof of fault you have in a situation where both drivers claim they had the green light or the right of way.

If you have been involved in an auto accident, contact the Law Office of Laurie D. Mitchell, P.A.. She can answer your questions and make a difficult situation better by handling your claim. No attorney fee unless we win. Call now. 352-371-9828.