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Social Media Warnings For Clients

Technology has no doubt created hazards for both plaintiffs and defendants in litigation. In order to protect our clients from their own electronic blunders, we play defense.

The following represent 10 social medial warnings. Failure to heed them could be fatal to your case.

1. Archive the content of current social media accounts.
2. Deactivate or stop using social media accounts.
3. Turn on the highest privacy settings.
4. Be aware of “friends”. Remove friends you don’t know.
5. Make yourself invisible on social media.
6. Take down photos.
7. Be cautious. Everything you write on your wall, in messages, or on postings will be seen by Defense lawyers.
8. Preserve all computers, tablets, and cell phones. We can argue over admissibility of the contents later.
9. Don’t send messages or information about the case. Careless communication can destroy a case.
10. Don’t join websites or web chat groups. You don’t own the information you post online. The Defense will find it.

We expect clients to cooperate with our rules concerning social media. Better to be conservative than regret the outcome. If you’ve been injured, call the Law Office of Laurie D. Mitchell, P.A. We can help. 352-371-9828