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Failure to Repair Low-Hanging Power Lines

On an average, one farm worker per week dies in the United States because of low-hanging power lines. The utility company who owns and operates the line is often negligent for failing to maintain the line at the required height. Even if the line has recently been worked on, the height of the line may still be lower than the required minimum. Trees are also an issue. If the utility company fails to trim or remove trees beneath the power line to insure sufficient clearance, injury, or even death, may occur.

If there is an injury or death due to contact with a power line, you should contact a skilled attorney to conduct an investigation to determine if negligence was a factor. In addition to utility company liability, an on-site supervisor hired as a contractor can also be held responsible for failing to secure safety at the site. Depending on the circumstances, various other entities or persons may be liable. We urge you to contact the Law Office of Laurie D. Mitchell if low-hanging power lines have caused injury or death of someone you know or love. Call 352-371-9828.